PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gabe Kapler, the most interesting manager in baseball.

The Phillies announced the 42-year-old Kapler as their next manager earlier this week and we have uncovered some interesting things about Kapler.

1. He’s in ridiculous shape 

2. He has a blog 

It’s called He hasn’t blogged in awhile, but it still exists — for now.

3. He is a fan of Coconut oil and has many uses for it, including one that’s (NSFW)

4. He likes eating bones

5. He writes poems, too


Kapler has spent the last three years working for the Los Angeles Dodgers as the club’s director of player development, overseeing their entire minor league system. He is currently still with the Dodgers, as of Wednesday, as they are playing in Game 7 of the World Series.

Kapler played parts of 12 seasons in the major leagues for the Detroit Tigers (1998-99), Texas Rangers (2000-02), Colorado Rockies (2002-03), Boston Red Sox (2003-06), Milwaukee Brewers (2008) and Tampa Bay Rays (2009-10).