By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A bike path is designed as a safe haven, a place for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy – free of vehicles.

In New York’s West Side that trust was breached by a rental truck on a deadly rampage.

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“This is actually really shocking to me because my dad is there right now,” said Brenton Molsbergen, of Philadelphia.

A vehicle as a tool for terror is a fact that the world and now our own nation has sadly, come to know. While utilizing the bike trail on Kelly Drive Tuesday evening Molsbergen added that he has long held the fear of a similar tragedy.

“I feel so susceptible when I am on this trail. Walking just to the boathouse right down there, there’s nothing to protect me,” he said

Also walking along Kelly Drive was Abraham Moussako, who grew up in New York City. He told Eyewitness News that he has held the concern over the possibility of a car intentionally driving into a crowd either back home or here in Philadelphia.

“It’s just a risk that you sort of have to deal with essentially that someone could just drive a car somewhere. You can’t really change the way you live,” said Moussako.

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Source: ISIS Note Found Near Truck Used In NYC Terror Attack That Left 8 Dead

For law enforcement, these tragic acts must become blueprints for policing.

“It just seems like there is always an additional act that forces you to do things just a little bit differently,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

In the wake of vehicular attacks around the world, large Philadelphia events such as this past weekend’s Free Streets event, are largely secured with trash trucks or other large vehicles parked at entrances combined with increased perimeter security.

“This is why we staff events the way we do in order to protect the citizens of Philadelphia and to safeguard this country as a whole,” said Ross.

Ross also commended the swift and immediate action taken by the New York City Police Department and urged residents of Philadelphia to continue to report any suspicious activity or individuals to police.

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