halloween , halloween costumes , philly halloween , halloween philadelphia , philadelphia costumes ‘Organized Chaos’ At Philly Costume Stores – CBS Philly
By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some people plan their Halloween costumes months in advance. Others tend to wait until the final moments.

The latter seemed to be a popular choice throughout Philadelphia Monday night.

Two words sum up last-minute Halloween shopping at Pierre’s Costumes on North 3rd Street in Old City.

“Organized chaos,” says store president Richard Williamson. “We’ve been doing it for quite a while, so we have a well-oiled system here, but is there a level of chaos? You better believe it.”

It was a similar a situation at the Masquerade store along Columbus Boulevard the night before Halloween.

“We had a great weekend,” explains assitant manager Raoul Garibay. “We sold a lot of items. But people are waiting until the last-minute and they’re looking for whatever they can find at this point.”

As children and adults emptied the shelves, many unsure walking in what they wanted to be, 12-year-old Moriah knew what she was dressing up as this year.

“An angel,” she says. “(Because) it’s plain and I don’t want to go too crazy.”

As she was buying her halo and wings, nine-year-old Cameron was picking up items for her nerd costume.

“Nerd glasses, suspenders, a skirt and some socks,” she says.

As for the most popular costume choices this Halloween season…

“Wonder Woman is big for women and girls, Super Girl is very big. A lot of super heroes are big for guys also,” says Garibay.

He acknowledged that the closer you get to Halloween, the more hectic things get at the store, but he’s okay with that, because on November 1st..

“We sleep,” he joked.