PHILADELPHIA (AP/CBS) — Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins says the next proposed meeting between the owners and players to discuss social justice initiatives has been canceled.

“The league didn’t accept our invitation,” Jenkins said after the Eagles win over the 49ers.

NFL players proposed to meet Monday in Philadelphia. Jenkins said the league declined, citing scheduling issues.

The league and players met last week in New York to discuss player demonstrations during the national anthem and other issues.

Jenkins, one of the founders of The Players Coalition, says owners and the players should meet to discuss alternative ways players can get their message out.

“They want to get back to football; we want to move past anthem demonstrations,” Jenkins said. “But to do that, we need to be able to replace the platform that we have.”

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Around the NFL seven players visibly protested during the national anthem in early games.

Most of them were at the 49ers-Eagles game, where Philadelphia players Malcom Jenkins and Rodney McLeod raised their fists. Kneeling on the 49ers sideline were Eric Reid, Eli Harold, Adrian Colbert and Marquise Goodwin.

Chargers tackle Russell Okung raised a fist at Foxborough, Massachusetts.

At Cincinnati, the Colts joined arms on the sideline, and in the final NFL game in London this season, almost all of the Vikings and Browns stood arm-in-arm during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Save The Queen.”

Some members of the Houston Texans also knelt before their game in Seattle as reaction to comments made by the team’s owner.

Houston Texan’s owner Bob McNair has apologized after a report revealed that he said “we can’t have the inmates running the prison” during a meeting of NFL owners about players who protest by kneeling during the national anthem.


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