By Matt Peterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After almost a month of generally warmer than normal temperatures across the region, we are finally dealing with much more seasonable temperatures and weather in the Delaware Valley as we get ready to wrap up the work week and head into the last weekend of October.

The last couple afternoons have much more seasonable with high temperatures in the 60s and Thursday we actually never made it out of the 50s, thanks to some pesky afternoon clouds. Friday, though, should be much nice with plenty of sunshine, before a cold front and area of tropical moisture come rolling into the region and washout much if not all of the day on Sunday.

Before we dive into what to expect on Sunday, which is the five-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, we should talk briefly about Saturday. On Saturday, we should watch for increasing clouds most of the day as we wait for a cold front get there, that will be approaching from the west. Out in front of the cold front expect temperatures to climb into the lower 70s for many of us with a few areas to the north and west staying slightly cooler, likely in the middle to upper 60s.


The pattern really begins to change as we progress into the evening and overnight hours on Saturday into Sunday. A chance for some pre-frontal rain to come through is possible as early as Saturday night, but the bulk of the precipitation is going to roll through the region on Sunday during the day.

This system is a bit more complicated than most thanks to the fact that we are watching for the merging of an area of tropical moisture coming out of the Caribbean and the cold front sweeping in from the Midwest. We will start with the cold front. This will have a decent amount of moisture associated with it by itself and is likely to drop plenty of rain alone without help from the tropical wave that will roll up the coastline.

The front is likely to arrive a little sooner than the low along the coast, and we could see some the effects of the front as early as late Saturday night. Temperatures are likely to remain warm on Saturday night. Rain will pick up as we move into the early hours of Sunday and at times throughout the day Sunday we can expect the rain to be heavy for areas in the region.

The low coming up the coast will really begin to push into our area as get into the afternoon and then the evening on Sunday. This will help to ramp up rain chances and amounts in the second half of the day Sunday. Expect winds to be gusty on Sunday afternoon too, with the strongest gusts likely to be along the shore points and areas of northern New Jersey.

Gusts at times on Sunday could reach as high as 40 mph in spots, so be prepared. The cold front and low should really start to clear the region on Sunday night but lingering showers and breezy weather is likely on Monday morning with slowly clearing skies on Monday afternoon. When all is said and done, it is likely that we see about one to three inches of rain across most of the region, with locally higher amounts in areas where some banding of the rain will occur.

This will affect the Eagles game on Sunday as well, from the time the tailgates start in the morning to the time the game wraps up the middle of the afternoon, so make sure you are taking your raincoat with you since it is likely that a poncho won’t do the job this time around. Temperatures through the game are going to be cold as well, as we likely sit in the upper 50s most of the game.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay dry and GO EAGLES!