By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —You can tell by the sound coming from the incredibly talented high school students that you just stepped into a place of passion also known as the practice room of the Upper Moreland marching band.

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“We really try to take that mentality in everything that we do and everyone plays an equal role of importance in producing the effect of show,” Upper Moreland marching band director Glenn Cowen said.

Taylor Olszewski, a marching band member, said, “We have a banner in the back, years and it says: ‘Upper Moreland students perform with class and great pride.’ And we take that to heart in all performances.

“Every week, we listen to audio tape, and we pick and get down to the tiny little thing. And people are like, ‘I’m tired of running the same set 20,000 times.’ But we know that we are not just doing it for ourselves, we are doing it for each other. We love hearing that we are coming in first place but that is not what matters.”