By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia high school senior found his college search frustrating. So he started a web site and a business to streamline the process.

Visiting colleges can be inefficient and expensive, and their web sites show them in the best light. So 17-year-old Andrew Cramer, a senior at the private Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, devised his own web business that, for $25 a half-hour, will link high schoolers to undergrads at more than 50 colleges through a video chat.

Andrew says that’s where prospective students can get an unvarnished view.

“When you go through the school, they’re only going to tell you the good things about the school — the positives, the rankings — because they’re trying to sell you on it,” Cramer said.

He developed his two month-old web site through a venture incubator at Springside’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

As for his own search, he’s applied to Penn’s Wharton School.