By Meisha Johnson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are only a few days left to enjoy some October traditions at Merrymead Farm in Montgomery County.

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This Worcester Township farm has been the dairy of choice for generations of Montgomery County residents, says co-owner John Carr.

“The family’s been farming for 100 years,” John said. “My wife and I and my sister-in-law are, I believe, the fourth generation.”

Right before Halloween, this place is hopping with pumpkin pickups.

Visitor Erica Bucci was there with 1-year-old Paul and 3-year-old Aria. “We definitely make it a point to come here every year,” Erica said.

“We see it’s kind of a generational thing,” John said. “People come back, they bring their kids and their grandkids and then their great grandkids. We’ve been here for a while.”

“We like to go look at the animals,” Erica said, including the pig, Franklin.

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John took Meisha into the 5-acre corn maze. “It gets designed by my wife’s cousin. They hand-cut it,” he said.

“It looks like you could actually get lost back here,” Meisha said.

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“There are people that get lost,” John said. “We send search and rescue. We have guys with walkie-talkies.”

Sometimes Jeff Ost will pose as a scarecrow, staying still as a statue until he surprises children with a yawn.

“Oh my goodness! That was so good and so real,” Meisha said.

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Jeff appears for pre-arranged tours, teaching kids about famous farmers like Johnny Appleseed.

Inside the store, Merrymead sells its own milk. “We have our own dairy cows which we process on site,” which John said is rare nowadays.

As for the ice cream, “We use a 14 percent butterfat mix, which is what gives you the creaminess.” Every fall, they make pumpkin flavor.

The apple cider donuts are a “huge hit through October, even into Thanksgiving,” John said. “They’re made with love in the bakery. We sell out often and early.”

“Ah, they’re the best,” Jeff agreed. “I could eat a bunch of them, but I’m stuffed.”

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Merrymead Farm is located at 2222 S. Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, PA 19446. You can see upcoming seasonal events at