By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Wednesday’s chilling episode of Criminal Minds on CBS, the elite crime team is back to tracking a dangerous cannibal killer named Floyd Ferrell. He’s a man who is now allowed out of his mental hospital for home visits. Will he kill again?

“The human mind is just really a wonderful exploration into why people do what they do,” Dr. John White told Eyewitness News.

Meet one of the minds behind the show Criminal Minds. Forensic neuropsychologist Dr. John White is a professor at Stockton University by day and he’s psychologist to some of the most dangerous criminals at night.

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“It’s so interesting and intriguing,” White told Eyewitness News.

He’s now a published author, and he happens to be a consultant on CBS’ hit show. The show’s producers send him scripts to get his real-world creative take on different plots.

“I love looking at the scripts. They are so creative. The writers are great,” he said.

Over the years, White has helped give profiles to some of the most deranged criminals on the show. He started his career as a police officer in Dallas, Texas. White moved to the Atlantic City area where he sees what he calls “perpetrators” on a regular basis.

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“A lot of the criminal behavior (on the show)  is based on crimes that have really taken place, so in a way it reflects the real world in a real dramatic fashion and a more speeded up fashion,” he said.

White says he’s happy with the spotlight his profession receives from the popular show. He says it’s a profession that is only growing.

“You have an exploding field that is going to be worth so much to know in the realms of predicting and looking at criminal behavior,” he said.