PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The first steps to return Philadelphia schools to local control could come sooner rather than later.

Mayor Jim Kenney says a local school board should replace the five-member state panel that has run Philly schools since 2001.

“I think local control is required. We need to be responsible for the education of our own kids, not somebody else,” Kenney said. “Folks want control of their school district back and there’s been a lot of conversation about that. We’ve been talking to all of our partners, both in the state and in the city, to see what makes sense. And something will be happening soon.”

The SRC would have to vote by January 1 to dissolve itself for the change to take effect by next school year. Governor Tom Wolf would support that.

“The mayor and City Council would be the ones to determine what succeeds the SRC. And from what I understand they’re considering, I think it’s very constructive stuff,” Wolf said. “I will abide by whatever the SRC decides to do.”

City Council may also seek a charter change to require council approval of mayoral appointees to a new school board that replaces the SRC.