By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two close associates of Philadelphia Congressman and Democratic Party Chairman Bob Brady have been indicted in connection with his 2012 campaign. The two men are being charged with paying Brady’s opponent to drop out of the race.

The indictment charges political strategists Ken Smukler and Donald Jones with causing unlawful campaign contributions and false campaign expense reports, in connection with a $90,000 payment to Jimmie Moore, Brady’s opponent in 2012.

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Prosecutor Eric Gibson says Moore and his campaign manager have already pleaded guilty to taking the money.

“Moore withdrew from the primary, pursuant to an agreement with his opponent who promised $90,000 in campaign funds to be used to help repay Moore’s campaign debt,” Gibson said.

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The indictment doesn’t use Brady’s name, but says the “candidate” gave the money to Smukler and Jones to pay to a company Moore created solely to receive the money.

It alleges this was to cover up the payment because it violated campaign contribution limits.

Neither Brady, nor the defendants, could be reached for comment.