HARRISBURG (CBS) — As state senators continue their discussions on one plan to borrow money to help fund the state budget, a different plan being pursued by Governor Wolf is now facing a court challenge.

On Friday, the Liquor Control Board took steps toward implementing Governor Wolf’s plan to monetize $1.25 billion of future liquor system revenues.

Earlier in the week, the House approved a plan to borrow $1.5 billion against future tobacco settlement revenues.

Jenn Kocher, spokeswoman for Senate majority Republican leaders, says the fate of the liquor borrowing plan is just one consideration as members ponder whether to approve the House plan.

“We’ve got pressures all around us on it,” Kocher said.

Nonetheless, she was optimistic Monday afternoon.

“Things are moving forward. And we’re encouraged by the progress and we are hopeful we can have everything wrapped up by Wednesday,” she said.

Meanwhile, an advocacy group, a Republican state legislator, and a Harrisburg area businessman have filed suit in Commonwealth Court, seeking an injunction to block the governor’s liquor system borrowing plan.