By David Spunt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A teenage girl was critically wounded after being stabbed in the Olney section of Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

It happened on Rising Sun Avenue when a fight broke out between dozens of teenagers.

“A girl got stabbed she was sitting on the front porch. She wasn’t the one that was fighting, it was her sister,” one student told CBS Philly.

The student says she watched someone stab her friend and wants to remain anonymous because she’s afraid her life is in danger. The attacker is on the run. The student says after-school fights have become typical.

olney fight 2 frame 460 Police: Teen Girl Critically Wounded In Stabbing During Large Fight

“It’s always a big crowd. And at the beginning, they would try to start over there but now they gotten over here cause they know that police isn’t around,” the student said.

Police officers and school employees were on scene to break up the fight.

This 16-year-old remains in critical condition.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.