By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia court system unveiled a new mural in the jury assembly room on Monday. It’s one of the many improvements the court is trying to make to jury duty.

The centerpiece of the mural is a classic Roman figure of blind Justice, with her sword but in a distinctly Philadelphia setting with row homes in back of her.

It also includes portraits of diverse jurors. Administrative Judge Jacqueline Allen hopes it will send a message.

“All people are equal when they come to have their cases and their disputes heard in this court. We are all in this thing together, and together we will make it work,” she said.

img 0642 Philadelphia Court System Unveils Jury Room Mural

(credit: Pat Loeb)

Allen also introduced a new video that will be shown to jurors and jury commissioner Dan Rendine says there will be a new summons process.

“We’re going to go new wave and do everything by email,” said Rendine.

Philadelphians have a dismal 58 percent response rate to summons, so it’s hoped all this will help.

In fact, Joan Reilly of Mural Arts suggests the jury room could become an attraction.

“I think any one who comes to Philadelphia should come into this room and soak in this inspiration,” said Reilly.