By KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Department of Homeland Security has granted Pennsylvania a nearly year-long extension to comply with the federal REAL ID Program.

The federal government wants those boarding domestic flights or entering federal buildings such as courthouses to have the new identification on their licenses.

PennDOT’s Alexis Campbell says Pennsylvania was unable to move forward on REAL ID until state lawmakers acted.

“There was prior legislation that prohibited us from complying with the REAL ID Act, but that legislation was repealed back in May and as soon as that happened, we hit the ground running,” Campbell said.

To get a REAL ID certification on the new driver’s license, she says you’ll have to produce a birth ceritificate or passport.

While the federal extension is only until next October, Campbell concedes another one will be needed because PennDOT doesn’t anticipate it will be ready for a roll out of the new compliant REAL ID licenses until March 2019.

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