By Mike Dougherty

CHESTER, PA (CBS) — More than 100,000 kids in the region will go through the winter without a warm coat. A giveaway in the City of Chester ensures some will be bundled up when the mercury drops.

A warm coat on a cold day is something many of us take for granted. Claudia Averette with the Chester Upland School District says the impact of being comfortable cannot be ignored.

“Getting a new coat increases attendance. That may sound crazy to people, but children can’t come to school if they’re cold,” Averette said.

Local auto dealers team up to “Drive Away The Cold,” they are donating 50,000 coats to children in the region.

Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland says he’s eternally grateful, and so are the kids.

“Awesome kids. They love what they do. They love the educational process. But more than that, they love those persons who reach back, such as the auto dealers, to say ‘you know what, we want to be of help,'” said Kirkland.

Anyone who attends the Philadelphia Auto Show has also helped because $2 from each ticket sold goes to fund the coat drive.