By Chris Stigall

Philadelphia (CBS) –  The White House Press Corp is legendary with doing battle with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and President Donald Trump. While broadcasting from the White House on Tuesday, Sanders told The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that you have to go in with an understanding that we all have a job to do.

“And my job is very different from their job, so some days that’s not going to match up very well. And I think we’re all trying to push forward and, in most cases, do the best that we can. There’s always going to be tension between the White House and the White House Press Corp. I do think its a little bit more elevated in this one than probably some of those in the past. But my goal is to go out and to every day do my very best job to communicate the president’s message, the president’s agenda, and do that in the most transparent and honest way that I’m able to.”

Sanders says one of the things that she tries to focus on and never forget, is the honor and the privilege to serve in that position.

“If ever walk into the White House and don’t feel a sense of awe, than I know that I’ve been there too long and it’s time to go home, but thankfully I haven’t felt that, and thankfully the president hasn’t decided that for me yet.”

When asked what is something that voters, citizens, Americans, should know or understand that maybe isn’t always presented to us, Sanders replied, it’s how much this president loves our country.

“…loves the people of this country and really wants to see the best things possible for all Americans. I see that every single day in the big moments, but particularly in the little moments that you get to see behind closed doors. And I wish that we got a chance to highlight that kind of stuff a lot more than the who’s up, who’s down, who likes who, kind of drama that comes out of the press corp every day.”