By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — He liked to talk about the Eagles, his own craftsmanship and life in general. He often did so while enjoying a backyard drink.

That is shooting suspect, Radee Prince, as described by his former next-door neighbor, Robert Hottes.

“I’m still getting chills. I just I couldn’t imagine that. I just picture him and I just sitting there chatting in the middle of night, two in the morning about life and this and that,” said Hottes in a phone interview with Eyewitness News.

Prior to moving a year ago, Hottes lived next door to Prince for several years on a quiet block in Elkton, Maryland, full of “church-going nice people”.

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“I went to go pick up a prescription for my wife I happened to look over at the TV and I was like, ‘Oh man,’” said Hottes with a sigh.

He had caught wind of the deadly workplace rampage in Edgewood, Maryland, and at first had trouble picturing such violence coming from a man that he got to know well.

“I mean, just talking to him every other day or once a week he seemed like a calm and collective,” he said. “When we were drinking he would open up a little bit more.”

Prince lived with a woman that Hottes believed to be his wife.

“I worked late at night and got off at 2 or 3 in the morning from work and he would be coming in and everything they did was pretty much in the middle of the night,” he described.

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That includes the couple partaking in loud arguments.

“A lot of times I would hear hollering and screaming, like punching in the walls.”

This close neighbor never noticed any children on the property and said that no one ever seemed to visit Prince. He did notice that Prince’s home was equipped with security cameras.

Hottes adds that the shooting suspect never directly spoke of weapons of past arrests but was vocal about turning his life around.

“He said he made some mistakes in life and he was just trying to be quiet and work and do the right thing in life.”