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By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A life transformed. From a drug addict at death’s door to the cover of a popular fitness magazine, it’s been a remarkable turnaround for 30-year-old Michael Dubree who’s on the new cover of Men’s Health magazine.

He’s ripped and his training routine is intense, to say the least. Michael is the picture of health now, a remarkable transformation from his days as a homeless drug addict.

“I started using drugs very early on at the age of 13,” said Debree.

He was quickly addicted to meth, lost for years and close to death many times until he decided to turn his life around.

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“Getting sober was definitely the hardest thing I ever had to do with my life,” Debree said.

The gym became his healthy new addiction.

“Fitness, not only did it help me to build up my self-esteem it also helped to take up some of that extra time,” he said.

Finally being in top shape he tried out for what the magazine calls its “ultimate  guy.”

“I never dreamed in a million years I’d be on the cover,” said Debree.

“We’re hoping this is just the beginning of something that can go on for a long time,” said Matt Bean, editor in chief at Men’s Health.

Michael was chosen from a thousand submissions, not just for his looks, but his story of survival.

“The country is in the grips of an opioid epidemic. We wanted to show there is a way forward that people like Michael can come back,” Bean said.

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The editor-in-chief says there are surprisingly a lot of guys built like Michael, but his inspirational story was the clincher.

“He has lived an incredible life in ways both amazing and also very tragic,” Bean said.

The salvation Michael found in the gym has now taken him to national acclaim.

“Training and nutrition is a big part of my life I mean it is my life,” said Debree

It’s not all about working out. Michael says diet is just as important.

Every day starts with 12 egg whites and 5 more meals throughout the day, including six ounces of chicken,  eight brussel sprouts and 17 almonds.

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