By Mike Dougherty

CAMDEN, NJ. (CBS) — One school in Camden is doing all they can to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

A good portion of the student body at LEAP Academy Charter School has ties to Puerto Rico. Maria Cruz and other faculty members thought it was important to step up and help.

“All the people love food, so we decided to sell a plate for $5,” Cruz said. “And we’ve been doing so great. We’re almost sold out.”

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She says a local restaurant donated some prepared food to help maximize the donations.

Carly DiDonato is a teacher at the school who volunteered her time to help sell the chicken and rice platters.

“It smells great. I know people will be fed well tonight, and all the money is going to Puerto Rico, so it’s a great event,” she said. “It feels good to be here.”

In addition to cash donations, they were also accepting household items which are really needed on the island.