PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Indoor Agriculture Convention takes root in Philadelphia, at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Indoor agriculture let’s you grow crops in the dirt, water or hanging systems without having to brave the elements.

“This is an event that looks at growing crops in warehouses, greenhouses and containers,” said Nicola Kerslake founder of Newbean Capital. “So it’s really what happens when geeks farm. It’s the next generation of farming.”

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Newbean Capital is the company hosting this year’s convention.

Kerslake says indoor farming is taking off all over the country, and Philadelphia’s restaurant scene is helping spearhead that effort throughout the region.

“This method of growing, allows you to grow fresh, local produce year round, anywhere,” she said.

Kerslake says the lack of farm land in Philadelphia makes it a great place for indoor farming.

“You can start really small, a lot of people grow in their garage or between a couple of folks in their local community, or you can do it on a really big scale, she said.

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says the industry is helping bring more commerce to the city.

“These are great entry-level positions for people who can learn about indoor agriculture,” he said. “It’s the kind of business that we’ll always need because everybody has to eat.”