By Dom Giordano

Philadelphia (CBS) –  New Jersey voters will pick the next governor to succeed Chris Christie come Nov. 7. Republican candidate Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno told The Dom Giordano Program that Democrat candidate, Phil Murphy, sees this election as a road to becoming president some day.

“He wants to be the standard bearer of the Democrat Party going into 2020. He is constantly criticizing the president of the United States. Which as you know, has very little to do with the governor’s race. So why do that?  Or why pull pages out of Bernie Sanders’ playbook and try to shove them down the throats of the people of New Jersey, it’s not New Jersey.”

When it comes to solving New Jersey’s property tax dilemma, Guadagno says you’re going to have to find something that’s palatable to Democrats.

“We’ve took a program that is being done in Massachusetts and Illinois, that levels out property taxes for people that need the most help now. On average, my plan provides that the average New Jersey household will save $800. That might not sound like a lot to a millionaire, to a person like Phil Murphy who pays $200,000 a year in property taxes.”

Guadagno also says she thinks that more debates between her and Murphy are needed as Murphy hasn’t explained himself in all of his programs.

“It’s nice to talk in lofty goals. I wanna give you free this, free that, free college, free everything. Say whatever people want to hear but put a dollar figure on it. Then try and manage it.”

Tuesday, Oct. 17 is the last day to register to vote in order to vote in the November General Election. Go to for more information.

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