By Vittoria Woodill

DELRAN, N.J. (CBS) — Delran High School (2-2) is hosting Burlington City High School (4-0) on Friday night but things really got started when the Delran Bears football team dressed in togas for a prep rally.

“It’s a great tradition they have here,” Brian Croly, the school’s guidance counselor, said.  “Homecoming’s has got gotten more and more popular. Great to see students get behind their school like they do.”

Ileana Parkinson, a freshman parent representative, said, “Homecoming is time when it doesn’t matter what social circle you run in, you all come together as a class and that’s your main goal — just be the loudest.

All week long, you won’t be able to miss the students showing of their school spirit with cheers, signs and passing of the sacred spirit stick.

Croly said past seniors at the school started the toga-wearing party.

“They wear togas and they try to be fancy, creative and have a good time with it,” he said.

Vittoria Woodill