By Jessica Dean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is now starring in the latest M. Night Shyamalan film “Glass.”

“Night is everything in Philadelphia,” Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, said. “He’s the reason why we’ve become such an important location for filming.”

His career has spanned over two decades but the writer and director has never forgotten his roots.

As he has grown in his success, he’s made sure to bring Philadelphia along with him.

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“In all of these years, it’s been about every two years, every two of three years, we’ve had a film with night,” Pinkenson said.

Cities like Philadelphia want an advocate, someone who understands their best qualities, our complexities–and celebrates all of it.

Philadelphia has a true advocate in Shyamalan, whose shot every single one of his films in the area.

He could have packed it up and moved to California or a host of other places but he stayed.

He advocated for Philadelphia. He showcased the area time and time again.

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He’s been loyal to a city that values that attribute almost more than anything else.

For that,  M. Night Shyamalan gets three cheers.