By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Eagles are spreading their wings to help the community get healthy.

Eagles Nation isn’t just about winning football games, it’s also about helping take care of each other with a different kind of game.

As Eagles fever is red hot, their road to victory now includes a 40-day training challenge for fans.

“To be able to give back to our Eagles community with this 40-day challenge, and provide them with a healthy lifestyle, is super exciting,” said Eagles cheerleader Victoria Caruso.

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You sign up online and get prompted through the program to get eight hours of sleep, drink eight ounces glasses of water a day and get 20 minutes of exercise.

There’s simple stuff like a brisk walk or stretching plies.

“You can make a gym at your home, do exercises without equipment and be just as toned as a cheerleader or football player,” cheerleader Savannah Lloyd said.

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Brian Napoli said, “We’ve created this platform to allow fans to engage more closely with the team.”

Napoli added winners with the most points will get a variety of prizes. It’s all based on doing healthy things every day.

“We think we can make a change,” he said. “We think our fans will respond well to that message.”

The challenge is being co-sponsored by Novo Nordisk and the Rothman Institute at Jefferson. The challenge also gives extra points for good nutrition, plus mental and emotional fitness — all to make Eagles fans just as fit as the team.

The 40-day challenge started Monday and thousands have already joined. It ends Nov. 17, but you can sign up anytime for free here.

There will be events like yoga at the complex and prizes that include $1,000 and a one-day contract with the Eagles.