3pm- According to The Hollywood Reporter, in February, NBC News decided against airing a piece that would have reported on multiple accounts of sexual misconduct involving Harvey Weinstein.

3:10pm- Donald Trump denied an NBC report that claimed he demanded a ten fold increase in nuclear weapons. Trump called the report “pure fiction” and “disgusting.”

3:40pm- On this morning’s episode of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough explained how he believed the U.S. may currently be as close to nuclear war as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

3:50pm- According to reports, MGM Resorts’ timeline of the the Las Vegas shooting differs drastically from what Las Vegas police have stated thus far.

4:25pm- Following accusations against Harvey Weinstein, a video has resurfaced of Ben Affleck groping a TV reporter and mocking the handicapped.

4:40pm- In a rap called “The Storm,” Eminem accuses Donald Trump of being racist and on the verge of causing a nuclear holocaust. 

4:50pm- On Wednesday, Rep. Al Green took to the House floor to introduce a resolution designed to impeach President Trump. 

5:35pm- Donald Trump is heading to Harrisburg, PA to give a speech on the necessity of tax reform.