PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A well-known brand is making a name change.

The parent company of the luxury brand Coach will now be called Tapestry.

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“We searched for a name to reflect these values while also expressing the cultural diversity of our people and our brands for today and tomorrow,” said Victor Luis, Chief Executive Officer of Coach, Inc. “In Tapestry, we found a name that speaks to creativity, craftsmanship, authenticity and inclusivity on a shared platform and values. As such, we believe that Tapestry can grow with our portfolio and with our current brands as they extend into new categories and markets. The name embodies our creative brand-led and consumer-focused business, while also representing the deep heritage of the group. Most importantly, we are establishing a strong and distinct corporate identity, which enables our brands to express their individual personalities and unique language to consumers.”

Tapestry takes effect the end of this month.


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