By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia activist who threw eggs at the statue of Frank Rizzo was acquitted Tuesday. His lawyer also represents the man who allegedly spray painted the statue in August.

Attorney Michael Coard is one of several African-American attorneys representing two defendants who allegedly defaced Rizzo statue in August.

Brandon Templin was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing four eggs. Disorderly Conduct requires that a suspect creates a physically offensive condition.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Eggs At Frank Rizzo Statue

“We argued that the statue itself is a physically offensive condition,” he said.

Templin must serve four hours of community service, then all charges will be dropped.

Coard’s team also represents Wali Rahman who spray painted Black Power in white paint on the statute and faces a slew of misdemeanor charges.

Arrest Made After ‘Black Power’ Spray-Painted On Controversial Frank Rizzo Statue

“We’re looking forward to our day in court,” he said.

Rahman’s hearing is set for next month.