By Mike DeNardo

NEW JERSEY (CBS) — First responders in New Jersey would have access to higher doses of the overdose drug Naloxone, under recommendations from a state opioid abuse task force.

Governor Christie at a statehouse news conference unveiled 40 recommendations from New Jersey’s Drug Abuse Task Force.

He said, one would change regulations to allow first responders to carry higher doses of Narcan, to treat people overdosing from Fentanyl.

“The task force got this report back from EMTs who were saying that ‘We knew someone with Fentanyl and we gave them 2 mg of Narcan and we couldn’t reverse them. And we need four.’ But they were not authorized by state regulation to carry four.”

Christie also said he believed opioid abuse was still growing exponentially…

“My guess is that we’re going to see deaths go up the next couple of years rather than go down.”

The governor said he would share the recommendations with the national opioid task force he chairs.