ALASKA (CBS) – An Alaska high school athletic director is vying to set records with his beard.

“I think this is the fifth time I’m doing this,” Nikiski High School’s Dylan Hooper told KTVA, as he prepared to have a student perform a pull up on his beard.

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KTVA says the tradition started back in 2005 when Hooper coached wrestling in Dillingham, Alaska. At the time, the heaviest student weighed around 120 pounds.

In 2013, a man in Turkey set the record in a 140-pound beard pull.

So last week, Hooper and student Justin Cox came to make history with a pull just under 146 pounds.

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“My neck is what I was worried about more, because the neck has to support all that weight, and that can be quite a challenge,” said  Hooper.

The record attempt is reportedly still being evaluated by Guinness World Records.