3pm- Prior to a scheduled dinner with U.S. military leaders, Donald Trump referred to the meeting as the “calm before the storm.” After being asked to clarify what he meant by the remark, Trump replied, “[y]ou’ll find out.” 

3:05pm- Democrats hope that a proposed ban on bump stock could eventually lead to more restrictions on guns in general. 

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3:20pm- Damon Root, senior editor of Reason magazine, pointed out that when New York Times journalist Bret Stephens called for ending the 2nd Amendment he wasn’t considering the important factor the 2nd Amendment played in protecting Civil Rights Activists from the Klan during the era of Jim Crow. 

3:50pm- Anthony Filippello, owner of Delaware Valley Sports Center in the Greater North East, joins the show to talk about how a bump stock works.

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4pm- Talk Radio 1210 WPHT is partnering with Barbera on the Boulevard to thank the men and women of local law enforcement. Listen to Rich Zeoli every first Friday of the month for Barbera Backs the Badge. Rich will feature a different officer every month sharing their stories with you.

4:45pm- In a memorandum named “Federal Law Protections for Religious Freedom,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a guidance designed to protect the implementation of religious beliefs in the event they conflict with certain government regulations.

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5:20pm- Attorney Lisa Bloom acknowledged that many of the charges of sexual harassment leveled against Harvey Weinstein in the New York Times are true but stated that the accusations should be labeled as “work place misconduct.”