By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For folks who love fall, you can immerse yourself in pumpkins, chili and apple pie at one of Philadelphia’s urban farms this weekend.

Greensgrow Farm in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood is bringing back their Fall Fest on Saturday.

“We try to really bring the idea of a country fair to the city,” says Greensgrow executive director Ryan Kuck. “The star of the day is the chili competition. Neighbors bring in their favorite chilis. We have a contest. Subaru is the sponsor of the event and they have prizes and then we also have an apple pie contest.”

Chef Ryan Kuck pictured at Greensgrow Farm in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood.

And he says bring your appetite.

“Chef Caroline will be there as well making some fresh from scratch, fresh from the farm food that you can also sample,” Kuck says. “There will be food trucks, we’ll have a beer garden from our partners at PVC at Philadelphia Brewing Company.”

There will also be fall themed food-related crafts and activities.

“Pumpkin decorating, cider pressing,” Kuck says. “We’ll have apple cider donuts from Federal Donuts will be there with samples.”

And weird stuff too, like a ‘bee beard.’

“So our bee keeper Don Shump will be there,” Kuck explains. “He takes the queen, puts it on his chin and all the bees flock down and hang off of each other.”

If you’ve never been to the farm, Kuck invites you to check out this free event:

“We usually see 3,ooo or 4,000 people,” he says, “but we close down all the streets around the farm, we have a whole city block, so there’s plenty of room.”

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