By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some schools encourage students to get internships at outside companies. But one Philadelphia school has brought those companies in-house.

The eighth floor of String Theory Charter School at 16th and Vine is now an incubator called “Particle.”

Five startups locate at the former GlaxoSmithKline headquarters for free, and in turn they provide internships to about 50 String Theory students, says school co-founder Jason Corosonite.

“They can scoot up here for an hour, do an internship, work on a design project, and then go back to their next class. It really seemed to be the best structure for us,” he said.

Junior Kaitlyn Stone works for a food stylist.

“Not only are we learning how to make the food, but we’re teaching other people to make the food through our videos. And then learning how to make those videos visually pleasing,” she said.

Sherill Mosee says students do social media marketing for her bag business MinkeeBlue.

“They do videos for me. So you can see I have to demonstrate the bag in order to show how it functions,” she explained.

The businesses also get to use the school’s theater, biotech lab, and motion capture studio.

Corosonite says the school is already looking at expanding the Particle concept.