By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Are we losing the flavors of our youth? KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports they can be found on distant getaways. But the search won’t be easy.

American food tastes are evolving as new and bolder seasonings and flavors enter homes and restaurants. The old flavors and kitchen aromas give way. Chinese – American of the 50’s fades, as curry, Sriracha and chili ascend. Waldy Malouf of the Culinary Institute of America explains it this way.

student chefs Flavorful Getaways

Credit: Jay Lloyd

“We want real Chinese food. We want real Thai. We want real Cambodian. We want real Indian,” said Malouf.

To me New York 1940’s and 50’s chow mein was real. But it lost favor. So where to find it? An Asian food historian pointed me to Boston. But I found it, in of all places, Florence, Italy.

sauce butcher Flavorful Getaways

Credit: Jay Lloyd

I found my Aunt Etta’s roast chicken in Amsterdam – and neighbor, Mrs Russo’s spaghetti sauce at a little spot called Sauce on New York’s Lower East Side. Half the fun of recovering the past is on a getaway with a purpose.