TAUNTON, Mass. (CBS) —It appears that these newlyweds were born to be together.

More than two decades ago they both entered the world on the same day at the same Massachusetts hospital.

Now, they share a new day on the calendar.

Aaron and Jessica Bairos finally got married after nine years of dating.

“We met through mutual friends,” Jessica said.

Actually, they met long before then.

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Both Aaron and Jessica realized early on they shared the same birthday.

“His mom remembers saying hi to my mom,” Jessica said.

On April 28, 1990, Aaron and Jessica were born at Morton Hospital, just two hours apart.

“My grandmother was the one who remembered. She had the clipping and brought it out,” Jessica explained. “That’s when we realized that we were the only two names listed on that day.”

The newlyweds can’t be sure, but that might be Aaron next to Jessica. So, was it serendipity or were they meant to be?

“I think it was fate,” Jessica said.

“I think a little bit of both,” Arron said.

“He’s a realist,” she retorted.

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