MONTGOMERY Co., PA (CBS) — Montgomery County officials say they’ve seized one-kilo of a synthetic opioid with a potential street value of around $3 million.

One kilo of Fentanyl is more than 300,000 doses. And Philadelphia DEA special agent in charge Gary Tuggle says Fentanyl is also used to make counterfeit prescription pills like Vicodin or Oxycontin which is then sold on the black-market.

“The amount of Fentanyl that was seized in this particular case could have produced one million – that’s one million – fake pills,” said Tuggle.

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Montgomery County DA Kevin Steele says the cheap and synthetic Fentanyl is deadly when used to cut heroin, as just a few grains can cause cardiac arrest.

“The kilo that we’re talking about – 2.2. pounds, contained enough Fentanyl to kill about half the population of Montgomery County,” Steele said.

Three men were arrested, accused of trafficking the drugs, two from Philadelphia, one from the Bronx.