By Joe Holden

EAST LANSDOWNE, PA (CBS) — A disturbing armed robbery was captured on camera and police are searching for two suspects in the case.

In a flash, armed robbers barge in and terrorize workers at Fisher Auto Sales.

“Michael and I were in the office playing cards / we go in early for the customers in case they come,” said the shop’s owner who didn’t wish to be identified.

As for the robbers, he described them as being in a hurry, and very uncoordinated. Before we go further, you could call it a robbery full of errors.

The robbery took place about 7:20 Friday morning in East Lansdowne.

The first mistake: the armed men accidentally let a dog out the front door.

“There was somebody walking by our front, and they let the dog out,” the shop owner said. “I told them to get the dog back in and the one gunman was standing in the doorway with a gun and a mask and somebody passed by and kept going.”

Michael Pascale, who works at Fisher Auto Sales was there, and says he thought that slip-up would be to their advantage

“We stalled them as long as we could with the dogs out barking, figured cars driving by — somebody should have done something,” he said.

With the dog now back inside the owner was then pistol whipped in the face as the one robber tried to speed up the process.

“I moved as slow as I could, but you can’t move too slow,” the shop owner said. “The other one was battling with my secretary in the back of the office.”

It’s estimated the pair made off with as much as $800. Not before the one man’s mask quit on the job revealing his face.

The business has been in the 200 block of Wildwood Avenue for 47 years. They feel neighbors could have helped in their time of need.

“I have no problem going out of my way to help people, I don’t think I’m doing it any more,” Pascale said. “It’s not worth it. No one’s gonna have your back, why should I have their back?”

Despite a cut to his eye – the owner will be okay.