TORONTO (CBS)—Police in Canada say no one was injured after a police dog reportedly fired a handgun last weekend.

According to CTV News, it happened when police were trying to located a pair of assault suspects.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded on Sept. 28 to a grocery store near Calgary, after two men –one brandishing a handgun—allegedly assaulted another man.

That’s when witnesses intervened and the suspects fled the scene on foot, CTV News reports.

Police say while they were tracking the suspects, the department’s K9 located a handgun in a bushy tree area and inadvertently discharged the firearm.

“During the recovery by the police dog, the trigger was activated and a shot was fired from the handgun,” said police in a statement.

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Luckily, no one was struck by the gunfire.

“The dog is fine,” authorities added. “It’s trained to respond and do its job even in the presence of gunfire, so the dog was quite happy to continue to go to work, as was the handler.”

Police believe the gun did belong to the wanted suspects who remain on the run at this time.

“I don’t know how exactly the gun went off, if the trigger was pulled, or if the gun is faulty,” Cpl. Curtis Peters told CTV News.“ But evidently, the gun had been tossed while loaded, which is clearly a pretty significant risk to the public. Heaven forbid a child had found it instead of a police dog.”