By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was not a normal morning show on 92.5 XTU. Philadelphia’s country music station opened the phone lines for listeners to express their emotions over the tragic shooting that killed at least 58 people and wounded hundreds more at an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas.

Police: Shooting On Las Vegas Strip Kills At Least 58, Wounds More Than 500

“We’re going to take a moment of silence,” XTU Morning Show host Frank Lario told listeners.

On the radio, silence is not golden. But after unspeakable tragedy, it’s necessary, says WXTU program director, Shelly Easton.

“Use that moment to reflect on the love we all have for our families, how lucky and blessed we really are every day that we get up here every day — no matter what our minor annoyances are, and then pray for the victims and their families in Las Vegas,” Easton said. “We’re going to be there for each other. We are united.”

–(Caller:) “I’m numb right now. I am.”
–(Caller:) “I just wanted to say thank you to our first responders.”
–(Caller:) “We’re all affected, as US citizens, and country music lovers…”
–(Caller:) “Kinda just in this place of disbelief.”
–(Caller:) “Our country will stand strong, we will survive and get through this.”

Local Congress Members Express Horror Over Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Lario and co-host Andie Summers became a platform for the people — sharing in grief and disbelief that their fellow country music fans could become victim.

“[It’s a] sense of community, not with only this radio station but with the city itself,” Lario said. “We’re all holding hands right now, and we’re all in this together.

“They’re coming to us to get their feelings out, to know they’re not alone,” Summers said. “We’re about feelings. That’s what country music is.”

The lyrics are relatable and often family-friendly. The singer-songwriters, the same way. So it’s no wonder fans connect deeply to the artists and with each other, especially after an attack on people just like them.

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