PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Las Vegas mass shooting is drawing reaction from local lawmakers.

Congressman Brendan Boyle of Philadelphia says the Las Vegas massacre is another sign that change is needed in this nation’s gun laws.

“The fact that we have more mass shootings and mass killings in the United States than the next 20 largest countries combined is a tragedy and something that Congress must deal with,” Boyle said. “I continue to be incredibly frustrated that Congress refuses to do anything, even though 80-90 percent of the American people want to see these automatic weapons, limited or banned.”

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Boyle says there is no reason why a hunter or a homeowner should need an automatic weapon, which is designed for war.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey says he’s horrified by the carnage in Las Vegas, and is calling for a unified effort in Congress to bring about change to the current gun laws.

“Anyone who can fire that many rounds of ammunition into a crowd, killing I guess 50 or more people, and wounding hundreds, and then take their own life, obviously is someone who should not have a gun, should not have that kind of high-powered weapon,” he said.

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Casey says after the mass killing at Sandy Hook in 2012…

“There was a broad consensus on background checks,” he said. “Now that didn’t pass, but it garnered more support than it ever had before.”

Boyle says currently many gun sales are allowed to happen because there are too many loopholes in the background check law.

Calls to the NRA, and to Republican Congressman Pat Meehan and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick were not immediately returned.