By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Flu season is on the way and if you were thinking of skipping the shot this year, you might want to think again.

When predicting how bad the flu season is going to be, there are two things to consider according to Dr. Thomas Fekete, section chief of infectious diseases at Temple School of Medicine.

Did the flu hit the southern hemisphere hard this year and have flu cases started early in our area? The answer is yes to both.

Fekete suggests you get a flu shot now, and a call to the doctor when you think you’re sick.

“We have much better techniques to give us the results back the same day and if you’re going to get a treatment for the flu you have to start taking it as soon as possible, because even a delay of a day or two will make the treatment much less effective,” he said.

The flu shot can take takes up to two weeks for it to be fully effective.

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