By Vittoria Woodill

RIVERSIDE, N.J. (CBS)–At Holy Cross Academy, a Catholic high school in Riverside, New Jersey, you can see how proud they are by the flags waving at you at the entrance.

And then once you’re inside you feel it through the halls and it carries all the way out the windows.

What are they so proud of? They say it’s the school’s sense of family.

“My biggest thing right now is I am afraid of the day when I walk in and I am teaching someone’s grandchildren,” said Dennis Guida, Holy Cross Academy Principal.

But what does “family” really stand for?

“What it means seeing people come back to teach, like myself, former students of mine who are now my colleagues, you know that in and of itself speaks volumes,” said Sergio Torres, Holy Cross Academy Dean of Students.

Even the local officers get that family feel.

“It’s very very family oriented, friend-oriented, they really want that close-knit feeling when you come here,” said Officer Joseph Horton, with the Delran Police Department.