3pm- White House Economic Adviser Gary Cohen addressed concerns regarding the proposed Tax Reform plan, restating Donald Trump’s claim that it is a tax cut for the middle class. However, he conceded that there are scenarios in which a middle class family could see their taxes rise with this bill.

3:45pm- In an effort to provide immediate relief to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Donald Trump authorized the temporary suspension of the Jones Act. 

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3:50pm- While on the House floor, Rep. Nancy Pelosi misspoke when she declared that a native of Puerto Rico “came to America.” 

3:55pm- Rep. Steve Scalise spoke in front of the House of Representatives for the first time since being shot while preparing for a Congressional baseball game. 

4:10pm- President Trump continues to fill Federal Judiciary openings with conservative justices. Today, he announced the nominations of Judge John Willett and Judge Jim Ho to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

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4:35pm- Chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party Val DiGorgio joins the show to discuss tax reform and Rep. Paul Ryan’s visit to PA. 

5:15pm During an interview with Anderson Cooper, Spike Lee stated that Donald Trump views NFL owners as plantation owners.

5:25pm- Yesterday, Playboy creator Hugh Hefner died at age 91.

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5:50pm- During her weekly press conference, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi compared Trumpcare to a zombie that just won’t die.