By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new kind of treatment for saggy necks — a problem that can be exaggerated  in men who wear ties.

While the tie tuck procedure was designed for men, the New Jersey doctor who’s doing it says it could also work for women.

Putting a tie on for meetings is a routine Kevin Driscoll hates because of how it makes him look.

“It’s a turkey neck. I think it was unsightly. I think it made me look older working in an industry with younger people,” said Driscoll. “I was very much aware of it.”

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It’s an issue for many men that comes with aging or weight gain — the neck and jowl line gets bigger and saggy.

“In men in particular, the skin has a little bit more heaviness to it because we have a beard and we have a thicker skin area there,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis.

Driscoll turned to the Cherry Hill plastic surgeon for a quick, less invasive solution. Davis calls it the tie tuck.

“This is the jaw line that we’re going to try to re-establish,” said Davis.

After he’s marked up, there are a series of injections to numb the area. Davis calls it a flash fix that combines micro-liposuction to remove excess fat, along with another device.

“We can piggy back on top of this flash, a little bit of radio frequency energy to cause the skin to shrink and tighten up,” said Davis.

Driscoll, 65, says he wants to look how he feels, which is like a 40-year-old. His wife, Nancy Driscoll, was glad he found a non-surgical fix for his neck.

“It’s been bothering him awhile and I think he’s going to feel better, so I think it’s going to be fabulous,” she said.

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There are a few stitches and a little swelling right after the procedure and Kevin Driscoll is bandaged for a couple of days.

He says he’s looking forward to his new look and that the procedure was easy.

“I feel like a million bucks,” said Driscoll.

Davis said the less invasive neck procedure has more moderate results and not what you’d see with a surgical face lift.

There is a slight risk of infection and lumpiness. Costs can run in the thousands, and like with most cosmetic procedures, it’s not covered by insurance.