By Dr. Brian McDonoughSponsored By Independence Blue Cross

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many say that as couples grow together, they often become more alike.

This is an observation based on personality and personality traits, but according to a report from the European Society for the Study of Diabetes, when one partner begins to gain weight and their BMI goes up, it is quite common for the same thing to happen to the other partner.

This has implications because one’s own body mass index is connected to type 2 diabetes risk.

This relationship was very clear for when women gained weight, but not as clear for when men gain weight.

In other words, the findings found that if a woman’s BMI goes up it is quite likely that the male partner’s BMI will go up in short order.

It is less common that the man’s BMI goes up and the female BMI follows.

Researchers found that there could be a practical reason: the woman in a household was five times more likely to determine the medical or shopping list for the household than the man.

Critics say this finding may change as roles in the home change over time.

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