By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new Mural Arts Philadelphia project celebrates the Brewerytown neighborhood.

Its unveiling comes in accordance with national Drink Beer Day.

It took nearly three months for artist Phillip Adams to transform his outdoor canvas, a block-long stucco wall along 31st Street, into a mural that blends Brewerytown’s robust pre-prohibition past with its present day craft beer and millenial-fueled revival.

img 7695 New Mural Unveiled In Brewerytown

Artist Phillip Adams and his mural. (credit: Paul Kurtz)

Adams used shades of dark blue, gray, and black to create hazy, almost dream-like images of bygone breweries, horse drawn wagons loaded with fresh kegs, and 21st century condos and businesses that now dot the landscape.

“All the names you see are of past breweries. So, on this street, 31st Street, there were about 11 breweries functioning at one time. Over time there were about 24 of them,” Adams said.

Those breweries produced around 50 percent of the beer distributed in Philly.