By Anita Oh

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are investigating a string of recent thefts in Manayunk in which thieves are getting away with thousands of dollars’ worth of wheels and rims.

Police say it appears the thieves seem to be targeting the latest years and at least one specific model.

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Just beyond a row of vehicles, at the top of a hill where a church sits on the corner of Churchill and Tower Streets, the kind of car that would typically draw admiration is drawing a different kind of attention.

“That car is an Audi RS7 probably worth $120,000; it’s so sad to see,” said neighbor Ryan Zerpa, who says he noticed the car sitting on cinder blocks.

All four wheels had been stolen.

“If it was me, I’d probably be really pissed just like anybody else. I feel so bad for the guy whose Audi that is,” said Zerpa.

Neighbors also report recent car break-ins as well that leave a trail of shattered glass behind.

“Just last month we caught a girl literally going through our cars right here,” he said, adding that a solution is difficult because finding any parking space, well-lit or not, is already difficult in the area.

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Just around the corner on Cresson Street near Pensdale Street, a 2016 black Honda Accord Sport had the same fate Monday, police say.

“I don’t know what else can be done but this is crazy,” said neighbor Arthur Omondi.

At least three other wheel thefts in recent weeks are also from Honda Accords, such as this one from the 4200 block of Silverwood Street, said Philadelphia Police Capt. Malachi Jones.

“People work hard for what they purchase, their possessions; nobody wants to go out to work in the morning and see their car on cinderblocks,” said Jones of the Northwest Detective Division.

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Even lug nuts designed to prevent this kind of theft litter the ground near the missing wheels.

Police say they plan to increase overnight patrols in the area.

“These guys, when they want something, they’ll go through all kinds of extreme measures to get them,” Jones said.

Police also urge drivers to park in well-lit areas if possible and are asking anyone with information on these thefts to come forward via the anonymous tip line: 215-686-TIPS.