By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–In the battle of the sexes, it’s the “he said, she said” of household chores.

“I do more housework,” declared Zane Johnson of Philadelphia .

“I would disagree with that,” echoed his partner Elizabeth Celente.

For some, it’s a domestic debate:  Who does more around the house?

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“The women for sure, definitely the women,” said Celin Molinari of Philly.

“Probably me,” said Jim Haney. “Because she works a lot harder than I do.”

Despite societal changes, like more women working outside the home, a new study suggests females still handle the heavier load.

The research, which focused on three life stages, found that at age 25, females and those who made less money did most of the work. By 32, work hours and raising children reduced the time spent cleaning, but only for men.

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“I think women do end up doing a lot more in the house. Now, they’re doing the housework and out there with a full-time job and raising children, said Celente.

When couples were in their 40s, gender was once again the biggest predictor. So, does something need to change?

“Maybe we need to do more work raising these young men and giving them an example,” suggested Haney.

“These are certain roles women have and it doesn’t have to be a gender equality or sexist kind of thing,” said Erin Wild of Detroit. “Just be cool with what people do.”