PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’ve seen pictures from a swanky fundraiser or cocktail party in Philadelphia, chances are, you’ve seen HughE Dillon at work.

He’s been called Philly’s Paparazzi (even though, yes, there is just one of him), and for ten years, HughE and his camera have been just about everywhere. And he’s taken the tens of thousands of readers of his blog Philly Chit Chat along for the ride.

This week on Scroll Down, why HughE decided Philadelphia needed a paparazzo, how he built a career out of it, and the deeply personal story behind his role as an advocate for suicide prevention.

20170906 1300211 Why Phillys Paparazzi Talks About Preventing Suicide: A KYW Podcast

KYW’s Tom Rickert (L) and HughE (credit: Tom Rickert)

Below are the links we talked about on the show.

— The Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255.
— The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: 
— HughE’s Philly Chit Chat blog:

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