By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Seven days of heartache –that is how long it has been since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. It’s also how long Ray Rosado has been waiting to hear from his father.

“We couldn’t communicate with any of our family members,” said Rosado, who lives in Northeast Philadelphia.

But then this morning he got a call from Puerto Rico.

“My cousin was the only one who called and said uncle is in the airplane, he’s leaving now,” Rosado tells CBS3.

Around 5:30 p.m. Flight 740 out of San Juan arrived in Philadelphia and quickly relief was found

Tears of pain turned to tears of joy for many more.

“It was hard, but we have her, so so we will keep her for a while!” said Rebecca Garcia, who picked up her aunt on Wednesday.

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Garcia said that she was forced to survive without power or access to her medication and only made it by the grace of God.

Also on the flight was Sister Rose Morales, who said she was asked by strangers to give blessings before she departed the island.

“I went outside and blessed them all,” said Morales.


Fellow passengers spoke of the crisis they left behind.

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“Water is getting scarce. It’s getting worse by the day,” said Andy Lawson, who’s heading home to North Carolina.

“It’s like a living nightmare in Puerto Rico, that’s all I can say about it,” said Ernesto Colon, who’s returning to Delaware.

In that nightmare Colon said he found solace in thoughts of his newborn granddaughter who was there to greet him at baggage claim.

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